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How To: The Balance Control

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced

Focus :

The balance control focuses on the core and upper back muscles.

Equipment Needed :     


Exercise Level Rating :     

This exercise is a very advanced level exercise. This tutorial is for you TO WATCH and only try if you have an instructor or a spotter with you in the room. Please be safe above all else.

The Course of this Class :    

The balance control consists ultimately of two main moves: 1. The jackknife, 2. A side roll. I never imagined showing this move in a video, but here we are! We have been faithfully sticking to the classical exercise repertoire in our CLASSICAL REFORMER PILATES PROGRAM and therefore this exercise has been being included. PLEASE hear that this may ONLY be done at home IF: 1. You have already attempted this with an instructor, 2. You can effectively and safely perform a jackknife, 3. If you have a spotter, an adult, in the room with you. Otherwise, please feel free to watch this tutorial to understand more about this exercise, and to practice your jackknife and your leg split at the top. Also always make sure that when you are vertical you have zero pressure on your neck, you should be able to freely turn your head from left to right. All body weight is over upper back region.

Pilates depends on certain technical foundations, understanding these better will set you up for success in your practice; protect you from injuring yourself; as well as teach you the best alignment your body can achieve! Plus, practicing with the right form, you’ll get A TON more out of the exercise, your level will increase quickly if you stick to it, and so will your results!

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