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How To: The Breaststroke

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :

The breaststroke focuses on the backs of shoulders (posterior deltoids, traps, lats & rhomboids), upper back, spinal erectors, and some glutes.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and the long box.

Exercise Level Rating :     

This exercise is considered an intermediate level exercise. But this tutorial is FOR EVERYONE! 😉

The Course of this Class :    

The breaststroke, much like the swimming stroke it is named after is a powerful back exercise to strengthen the posterior chain. A great one to have a spotter in the room with you to get a higher lift, even if you don’t this you’ll feel your whole back light up to lift that chest! We cover our equipment set up, including choosing the right spring, and then walk through what is most important in this exercise, it might not be what you think! Breaking it down we’ll strengthen through each piece as well as talk about our breath. If you have ever found this too much for your lower back, we’ll talk about what can be done for that. Working through the same motions on the mat is also a great way to start if you find that the hands in the straps with the resistance is simply too strong at first.

Pilates depends on certain technical foundations, understanding these better will set you up for success in your practice; protect you from injuring yourself; as well as teach you the best alignment your body can achieve! Plus, practicing with the right form, you’ll get A TON more out of the exercise, your level will increase quickly if you stick to it, and so will your results!

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