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How to : Pilates Tutorials

Are you interested in Pilates but aren’t quite sure where to start? Perhaps you were thrown into classes without a proper explanation of the basics? No matter the reason, if you need a refresher on Pilates foundations, you’ve come to the right place! Gone Adventuring offers at-home Pilates workouts for beginners that you can watch and rewatch at your own pace. These workouts are the perfect introduction (or re-introduction) to this exercise form!

We strive to be an accessible source for folks learning how to do Pilates at home. From equipment to workouts, we want to create a community where everyone feels they can practice Pilates.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to get started with Pilates. From movement basics, breath patterns, and alignment foundations to Reformer exercises, your journey starts now. Let’s dig in!

Explore the Foundations collection to build an understanding of how to set yourself into position and then how to move through that position with your breath for your first beginner Pilates workout. It’s essential to start with a solid understanding of your form, spinal alignment, and posture in order to prevent injury and get the absolute best benefits and results out of your exercises.

If you’ve got a mat or barre handy, jump into using those next! Even if you don’t have a barre, you can still learn how to do Pilates at home; try using a table edge or the back of a chair instead.

Then we get to the rest of the equipment: the chair and Reformer. If you’re wondering what on earth a Pilates chair is and how you use it, we’ve got you covered! And the same goes for the Reformer—we know it can be intimidating at first glance, but we break down how to use the Reformer in easy and simple ways. We absolutely love our Reformer exercises, and we know you will too!

Our how-to videos are designed to help you become more familiar with Pilates and its terminology as well as more confident and sure in your own practice from home. With these videos, you can build a strong foundation of breath, alignment, and posture that will carry you through the rest of your Pilates journey!

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