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Perfect to: ▫️Increase your flexibility. ▫️Create a longer, leaner silhouette. ▫️Develop more elasticity and agility in the body. ▫️Work out tightness, soreness, aches and pains. ▫️Find fuller range of movement no longer inhibited by tight tissues. ▫️Sit straighter, reach farther, stand taller. ▫️Move more freely.

Welcome to our Flexibility program. How often do you take the time to focus only on your flexibility? Comment below!👇🏼

We designed this program to give you the opportunity to pull aside from all your other activities and spend some time stretching out. Whether you already include stretching in your weekly routine, or this is less habitual for you, these classes are designed to elongate your tissues and muscles while maintaining their elasticity and rebound. 

A dedicated Pilates practice builds this flexibility and elasticity into the body regularly, alongside strength. However, many other daily activities create an environment for certain areas of the body to sit in shortened positions; this in turn creates tightness, aches and pains. These sessions mean to work those areas out, bring blood flow, circulation, movement and length back into these muscles. Likewise, these are great classes to use for your rest and recovery day, which you should include at least once a week in your fitness and wellness routine. 😉

Watch our INTRO VIDEO to learn more. You can scroll directly down to start the WORKOUT VIDEOS, or jump to WHAT TO PLAN FOR, find all the nitty gritty details below…👇🏼

Workouts are ordered from first to last, top to bottom.

Plan for 1 flow per week!

We suggest one session per week. Our reason for this is that we encourage you to weave these classes in amongst other strength building Pilates classes which include an eccentric focus. Therefore, you will gain a well balanced flexibility to strength building routine.

What are the classes like?

Each stretch session will choose certain focus areas. For example, a day lengthening hamstrings and calves, and opening up a tight chest wall. We will repeatedly return to certain key tight areas to see gradual change and improvement in flexibility. 

What equipment is needed?

Classes alternate between the Mat and the Reformer so that those who do have the Reformer can make use of it. If you only have the Mat we suggest repeating the week prior. 

What level is required?

No level at all is required. This is all about stretch and is approachable for everyone. 

Track your progress!  

Choose three poses in which you notice a lack of flexibility. At the end of this program work into each of those three poses and note what has changed. Hopefully more range of motion with greater ease!

Share below each video and motivate each other!🤲🏼

We’re excited to have you join us! If you are returning for your 2nd time, you will be charged today. There is no 2nd free trial. Thank you for your understanding.