Our Instructors have been hand picked by Kristi and we are so excited to introduce you to each and every one of them! They are absolute gems and are incredible for their knowledge, education and experience as much as their passion and effervescence to teach and share! Here you can learn a little more about each one, as well as find their workout videos.


we are currently in the process of adding many more teachers, hang tight, I promise, there’s lots to come!

Kristine Chaussard Pilates Instructor
Kristine Chaussard
Gone Adventuring
Cloè Sommadossi
Pilates Academy Dubaï
Rebecca Norman Instructor on Gone Adventuring
Rebecca Norman
BASI Pilates and Booty Barre Instructor
Hilal Leigh - Gone Adventuring
Hilal Leigh
STOTT Pilates and Barre Concept Instructor
Anna Cerati of Elemento Pilates
Anna Cerati
STOTT PILATES® Method Instructor GYROKINESIS® Trainer
Abigail Larsen - Pilates instructor
Abigail Larsen
Balanced Body® Instructor, BASI® Master in training