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Joseph Pilates Classical Reformer Sequence Start to Finish – The Finalé!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

Joseph Pilates full order of exercises from start to finish today, you made it! Get ready to go all the way through, no more splitting into two parts, we’re gonna do the whole flow today on the Reformer. Test your connectivity, and bring into your practice each and every 6 Pilates principles we’ve been focusing on for the last few weeks. Stay mindful, breath fully, stay concentrated, move from your center out, be precise and controlled, and move fluidly.

Our 6 Pilates principles are: Breath; Concentration; Control; Flow (fluidity); Centering (move from core out as well as mind-body awareness); and Precision.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and the long box.

Class Level :     

Intermediate, some advanced, and some all levels, it depends on the exercise. Entire order of exercises are being presented in their classical form, when a modification is possible, suggestions are given.

The Course of this Class :   

Below is are class order by way of each exercise :



Roll Over


Rowing back round and flat

Rowing front tall and round


Hug a tree

Next: Long Box series: Swan, Pulling straps, Backstroke, Teaser, Breaststroke, Hamstring pull, Horseback

Then: Long Stretch series: Long stretch, Down stretch, Up stretch, Elephant flat and round, Arabesque

Long back stretch

Stomach Massage

Tendon stretch

Short box series: Round, Flat, Sides, Twist and Reach, Around the world, Tree

Short Spine


Chest Expansion

Thigh Stretch




Tick tock


Balance Control on/off

Long Spine

High Frogs

Leg circles

Knee Stretch series: round, flat, off


Pelvic lift

High bridge

Leg pull front

Leg pull back

Side splits

Front splits

Russian splits

Today’s class will include little reps of each exercise, as little as 3 in order that we can flow through the entire sequence in an hour. Class today is a celebration of movement and of the method and exercises that Joseph Pilates conceived and created. Enjoy the flow and the pace, while using today to tune and further deepen your own Pilates and movement practice.

Had fun today?! Want to repeat and refine your flow? Repeat this workout as often as you like, and make it your own. If you move beyond me, then do so! This is to guide you into the classical practice, but take off on your wings and enjoy.

Goals :     

Enjoy the classical reformer exercises as Joseph Pilates created them and in his sequencing. Refine and tune your own movement practice. Better your form and function. Increase core strength. Learn to move from center out. Improve the quality of your movement. Better your eccentric control and precision throughout each exercise. Understand more how your body moves and work out any imbalances. Improve overall strength and posture. Release tensions and bring in more flexibility to the tissues and muscles. Move with grace, power, ease and efficiency.

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