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Kelly Snailum

Owner of Remedy Pilates & Barre
PMA Certified Master Teacher Trainer
Master Pilates Instructor
Master Barre Instructor
TRX Trainer
Kelly Snailum on Gone Adventuring

______ What Inspires You ______

I’m easy. Honestly, I am inspired daily by some of the smallest, and what may seem like, insignificant things. Waking up for an early morning run with friends inspires me to take on tasks that are not always easy; walking into my kids rooms’ in the morning to wake them for school inspires me to stay focused on the bigger picture; making a playlist for a fitness class inspires me to be creative; getting to know my clients on the inside as much as I know them on the outside inspires me to be the best teacher I can be; and driving home after a long day inspires me to appreciate how lucky I am to do what I love and inspire others.

______ Outside of Pilates ______

Obviously being a business owner can take up a significant amount of time but I function on very little sleep. I love fitness, friends and family and have found ways to blend them all together. I love being outside running and hiking with friends, watching my daughter dance and my son play soccer, watching netflix with my husband and snuggling with my three dogs (AKA other children).


Kelly is a PMA Certified, Master Pilates and Barre Teacher Trainer. She has been teaching Pilates well over a decade and opened Remedy Pilates & Barre in 2008. She became a Master Teacher Trainer in 2010 and has introduced the Pilates Method to more than 100 students in Arizona. Kelly has been recognized across the Valley as an educator and advocate of the Pilates method.

As the depth of her practice grows, she continues to find the passion and power of Pilates each year. “I strive to constantly be creative and innovative with the tools we are fortunate enough to work with. I enjoy working towards all types of goals from movement to transformation and do my best to stay on top of current trends, injury prevention and common problems. I think a well-rounded instructor can take on all client cases if they are determined to educate themselves for the betterment of their client.”

Kelly donates countless hours, hosts complementary events and participates in charity auctions all over the World in hopes to spread the gift of Pilates and Barre. When she is not teaching Pilates, Barre or TRX, you can find Kelly training for her next marathon or summit challenge or hanging out with her family of four.

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