Welcome to Gone Adventuring. Let's move together.​

Kristine Chaussard​

Founder & Owner of Gone Adventuring

International Pilates Teacher Trainer
Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor
Certified Cardiolates® Instructor
Certified Pilates Suspension Method® Trainer
Certified Muscle Activations Therapist
Kristine Chaussard Pilates Instructor

______ What Inspires You ______

Number one is probably being outdoors, breathing fresh air, honestly, nature really inspires me. Secondly, entrepreneurs making it happen, creating their dream. People who work out and work hard, because it isn’t easy even if they make it look like it is, everyone works for it. Their drive and discipline inspire, encourage and motivate me. The fact that they don’t give up or spend time looking at the impossibilities and set-backs but rather the possibilities of today.

______ Outside of Pilates ______

“I love to go hiking, play tennis, be coached & pushed through a workout, go to the beach & be in the sun.. be with my friends and family, discover an amazing new café with delicious coffee and kale salads, get dressed up for cocktails at sunset at some swanky, beautifully decorated place.. and when not working, I generally love to put all social media away & just be in the moment, enjoying life and people. 🙂 “It must be said that I also absolutely love to travel. I never tire of that sense of wonder and awe at exploring new landscapes, meeting people from other cultures, adapting to new ways. I have so many more places I still want to see, and even more that I’ve fallen in love with and I want to keep going back to.”


Founder and creator of Gone Adventuring, Kristi is a 10 years International, Balanced Body Method, Certified Pilates Instructor and Cardiolates® Instructor with the Pilates Academy International. She is affiliated with the Pilates Method Alliance and the French Pilates Foundation, a Pilates Educator and Influencer. Trained in Paris, she now teaches from her home studio in Santa Barbara, California where she is native to. She has also trained Pilates teachers via pilates workshops in the US, Australia, UAE, Europe…

Before becoming a Pilates Instructor she was an amateur Pro Tennis Player turned Landscape Architect turned Private Chef in Hollywood, then Paris. Pilates was a return to her first passion: the body in movement.

Her love today is to teach the proper technique, precision and benefit of Pilates in a dynamic environment with a specific athletic approach for optimal performance for those active clients – pro athletes. She thrives on being creative and is constantly adding more to her repertoire to challenge the mind and the body. She teaches dynamic movement, athletic focused Instructors’ workshops internationally throughout the year where she shares her passion and knowledge, as well as her creativity in different variations on the Reformer and other apparatuses to inspire, equip and empower teachers teaching the active client.

An avid traveler, mover, and adventurer, Gone Adventuring is her story and the spirit of her brand… ”Pilates is an exploration, an adventure, a constant discovery, as is travel. We can never stop to wonder, to learn and to grow. I seek to bring the two together for the well-being, discovery and joy of all.”

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