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Kristi’s Full Body Stretch Routine on the Trap Table – Weekend Vibes

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :

Full body stretch routine using the traction the trap table provides to lengthen tissues, open the body in every plane and feel good! This is a great routine any time of week or day, try it on your weekend as a restore workout before hitting your workouts at the front of the week. Or use it as a mid-week pick me up. We’ll work our extension, open the heart and chest wall, stretch the hamstrings and backs of legs, undulate the spine, work our rotation and even stretch the feet.

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard or Tower and mat, Reformer/Tower, or full Pilates Cadillac; 1 short medium weight spring attached to your push through bar; I will use the Reformer sitting box but this is optional if you don’t have it you will do the same stretches directly onto the table.

Class Level :

ALL levels. Make today adjusted to what your body is asking for within each stretch. This is entirely adaptable to you and your needs.

The Course of this Class :

We start with standing chest openers and roll downs. Saw leads us into some gentle assisted rotations. We move into swans and roll ups with a chest fall back that feels oh so good. Next onto some leg lengtheners using our parakeet and monkey exercises. Stronger spine stretches lead into deeper leg stretch work and finish with our tower exercise to roll out the spine. Class pace goes along at a gentle pace as we focus on our breath and the stretch in each exercise. This is all about restoring and replenishing so pause into a pose if it feels good and don’t worry too much about following if your body is just loving one particular thing, listen to it, go for it and then rejoin us where you left off.

You should feel re-energized with oxygen after today’s class, longer and stress evacuated. Make sure to drink lots of water after class this will help flush toxins that may have been released as you did your stretches and breath work.

Goals :

Full body stretch routine to lengthen tissues; open the body in extension and rotation; improve breath into all tissues, breath deeply. Restore, rest day between workouts. Use traction to create more flexibility in the body. Evacuate stress. Rid tensions. Work out muscle knots. Improve movement overall while increasing blood and oxygen circulation.

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