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Find the best streaming workouts to tone and trim your entire body right here. Our mission is to provide quality, live Pilates classes online that you can access from anywhere, no studio or gym required. We’re a worldwide community, and we welcome you to join us from wherever you’re located!

Please note the equipment required for each class so you can come prepared. These live workouts wait for no one, so book your workouts now and don’t forget to come back at class time! We’re excited to sweat with you!

Whether you love to get your sweat on with cardio, HIIT, Barre, or Pilates, our live classes have you covered. Join our hand-picked, much-loved, and must-be-discovered studios from all over, with epic teachers and fire classes providing a wide variety of workouts. If you want to target gaining core strength, reshaping, toning and sculpting, burning fat and shedding those calories, or improving your posture, check out our classes—we’ve got you covered!

What’s Reformer Pilates?


If you’re new here, you may be wondering what Reformer Pilates is and how it differs from practice with a mat. Reformer Pilates simply uses the Reformer, a piece of equipment made by Joseph Pilates himself and is at the heart of Pilates method training. This machine functions on a pulley system and uses springs for resistance. The Reformer works your body in both concentric and eccentric directions of movement, so that you end up not only stronger but also considerably more flexible. Pilates truly does give you long, lean lines!

A Reformer helps you work more areas of your body, providing assistance where you are limited but also taking you beyond your limitations, so you get the best streaming workout and exercise possible. With this one piece of equipment, you can strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your range of motion, and increase stability in your joints.

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