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Long Lines, Full Body, FLOW

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Focus :   

Long lines for a lean silhouette is our focus in today’s first video of FLOW. This is full body movement for both strength and flexibility in the body, though legs might get a highlight, everything will be worked! We’ll give some extra love to stretch out those legs while challenging our balance, flow and connectivity in all we do.

Welcome to our first ever FLOW! In this program Kristi invites you to join in moving with her during her own personal flows. These classes are silent and not taught. Exercises are announced in the video, as is the next coming exercise just a few seconds before you’ll switch. Use this time to tune into and listen to your own body and move from center out. Practice your breath and gain more awareness of each nuance, initiating muscle, participating muscles, alignment and yes, flow.

Enjoy moving to the sounds of nature🌿. Use this time to tune out all other noise.

👇Drop us comments below each flow to let us know how you enjoyed class, what improvements you are seeing, how these are contributing to your fitness and wellness, and encourage other Adventurers as well!

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and a resistance band (this is optional).

Class Level :     

Intermediate level presented. Today’s long lines workout should be accessible to most levels. However, if you are a brand new beginner we suggest following our Beginner program first and then possibly our Classical Reformer program to become more familiar with the exercises before coming to this Flow. 👍

The Course of this Class :   

Starting with some shoulder stretches and spinal mobility you’ll stand on up into splits. Next, hit your long stretch series before heading back into more lunges and skates. Get ready for unilateral abdominal work, complete with reverse kneeling abdominals for a toned and lifted waist. Feet in straps continues to work the length and strength of our legs. This session will stretch out your hip flexors and hamstrings while strengthening glutes. Use class today to pay attention to your own movement patterns and breath. Concentrate on your center, keep your focus and engage mindful movement.

Class pace is fluid and steady.

Goals :     

Fluid movement and flow, improving quality of movement and fluidity. Improve mind-body awareness, focus, concentration and moving from center-out. Stretch hip flexors and hamstrings, work long lines and lean silhouette. Increase flexibility while also improving overall strength. Work full breath coordinated with each movement. Work abs and core for stability, strength and vitality.

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