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Lower Body Burn-out on the Chair

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :      Pilates Chair and a Mat.

Focus :    Lower body burn workout today: we are targeting our legs, glutes, hips, alignment, ankles, feet and standing posture. Think leg day! The flow today will be really focused on the lower body, so expect to feel that burn.

Class Level :     Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :     You’ll see seated foot and leg work, standing leg pumps, lunges and squats, step-ups and the like. We’ll get a nice lengthening of the spine throughout class.

Goals :      Develop a stronger, more balanced lower body: hips, glutes and legs. Build lean muscle tone. Feel the burn. Strengthen proper hip-knee-ankle alignment. The Chair is a powerful apparatus that requires strength and helps us refine our practice.

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