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Slide and Glide Skater

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Lower body power.. *Equipment Needed :      Skateboard. Or you could easily also use gliders, sliding discs, a towel on the floor, socks, or even an Orbit if you have one. Don’t skip this one if you don’t have a skateboard, make it your workout, it’s fun and worth doing! ;)

Focus :     Lower body power, alignment, balance, strength, and posture.

Class Level :     Established Beginner – Intermediate.

The Course of This Class :     Mix it up! Grab a skateboard & go outside or you can also use your Reformer ;) This is functional fitness. How well are you moving in the standing plane? Most of our daily activities involve, for example: standing, walking, lunging, bending, squatting…and it isn’t in a perfectly controlled environment. How solid is your standing balance on a moving object? So, let’s work it in this session – lower body power and alignment! Lunge, skate, split and plank your way through a quick 20 minute workout designed to target your booty, balance, alignment, posture, and yes, your core!

Goals :     Today’s class is meant to be fun, different, but also improve our lower body power and alignment.

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