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Lower Body Suspension Training

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  TRX (or similar suspension trainer) & your Mat. (I’ll be on the grass outdoors.)

Focus :  Lower body suspension training targeting: hips, glutes and legs. We’ll also touch lightly on our core. Our shoulder stabilizing muscles will also be strengthened as the TRX is great for targeting all these muscles.

Class Level :  Beginner – light Intermediate on the TRX.

The Course of this Class :  In this lower body suspension training beginner session we will warm up the legs and lower body with standing footwork. Next, we will move into some spinal mobilization. Then, we’ll work into our hips and glutes with some single leg work. Take it to the ground for a few assisted push-ups, and some side body, oblique exercises. We move along at a slow and steady pace and we’ll finish with some stretches.

A great warm up workout, joint and spine mobilizing workout, booty & balance work, and a good beginner session to suspension training.

Goals :  Mobilize & strengthen your lower body, hips, glutes and legs. Get comfortable with the TRX. Gain strength, balance and ease in movement.

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