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Cardio Lower Body & Upper Body Endurance, 2-Part Workout

Instructor: Abigail Larsen
Level: All Levels

Looking for a Warm-up? Try this first : MELT & Balance Warm-up with Abbey, (Pick up your MELT ball kit here)

*Equipment Needed :      There are 2 parts to this workout. For the 1st you need: a light-medium weight resistance band, and a small towel or slider for your feet. For the 2nd part on the Reformer you need: the same resistance band, a small stability ball, and a wooden dowel (you can do without if you don’t have it).

Focus :    Cardio, balance, lower body and upper body endurance.

Class Level :     ALL levels. FOR EVERYONE!

The Course of this Class :     This class is in 2 parts and you can easily only do 1 or do both. The 1st is all standing with a slider, the 2nd is on the Reformer. That said, for the 1st part with the Reformer we’ll be doing barre work just using the back end, so if you don’t have a Reformer you could still join for this piece. Just want to make sure to give you your options! The 1st part is a great cardio warm-up and quickly, effectively works your entire lower body while also focusing on your balance. The 2nd part will again work the lower body and upper body endurance. A fabulous fun class with lots of variety! You’ll see some Booty Barre material, some athletic Reformer stuff and get lots of ideas.

Goals :      Pick up the heart beat, increase lower body & upper body endurance, improve balance, and improve alignment while working.

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