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Magic Squeeze & Sculpt Reformer, Live Studio Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Magic Circle, Spine Corrector, and the Reformer.

Focus :  This magic squeeze & sculpt Reformer class targets your pelvic floor, tranverse abdominus (your corset muscle), your entire core including your glutes and your shoulder stabilizers. Improve muscle tone & awareness, deep connection, stamina and strength. One strong move follows another while moving fluidly.

Class Level :  Intermediate level taught, but everyone can join. If you aren’t here yet you can still try this class, it would be a great class to build up strength. Modify if you need to, remember this is your workout, your time and your body!

The Course of this Class :  We start seated on the Spine Corrector with the Magic circle in between the knees. Keep your eyes out for the spring tensions shown in the white banner at the top left of your screen. We’ll move through spinal articulations and pelvic floor engagement. Next we’ll move to side lying and continue on. The magic squeeze & sculpt Reformer will make sense as we continue through our entire class using the circle to engage inner thighs, glutes, pelvic floor, core, shoulder stabilizers and arms.

Goals :  Improve strength, deeper connections, and muscle tone. Challenge stamina, endurance and strength.

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