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Mat Class Mash-Up: Tone & Flow (Live Replay)

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  Mat only. Option to have a wall, the back of a chair, or a countertop nearby for balance if needed.

This is a replay of our LIVE Mat class (from 3/30/20) Mondays, for a Mash-up of Pilates, Barre & Fit-Fusion Fun.

Focus :  Spinal mobilization, hip mobilization, strength & stability, balance, legs and a bit of core strength. A great way to wake up the body and start your week off right. Nice and short, easy to fit into any busy day!

Class Level :  Confirmed Beginner on up. For everyone really!

Goals :  Tone the body and move fluidly.

Other workouts you might like : All About the Core, Foundational Core Roller for Beginners, Balls & Bands BBB (booty-back-balance)

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