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MELT FIRST then Cardio Slides

Instructor: Abigail Larsen
Level: All Levels

This is our Cardio in 10 minutes video STARTING with a solid 15 minutes of MELT first as a warm-up for the feet and standing balance work. I wanted to combine them here so you don’t have to click on 2 different videos.

*Equipment Needed :      MELT balls (or you can try substituting with small soft balls), a light-medium weight resistance band, and a small towel or slider for your feet.

Focus :    Fascial release and hydration, balance, lower body strength, balance and endurance.

Class Level :     ALL levels. FOR EVERYONE!

The Course of this Class :     This class includes a great feel good warm-up, but more than feel good, it will really improve your balance and proprioception. We then move to a 10 minute quick cardio session using a towel or sliders. Excellent hip and leg work, as well as for the booty. A great workout for stamina and when you are short on time, very effective. You’ll find this workout elsewhere as well combined with a Reformer workout following it. Today I’ve separated it out for those of us who want that good warm up and a quick cardio blast on a short on time day.

Goals :      Improve balance and proprioception. Release fascia in feet to wake up connections all the way up the postural line. Pick up the heart beat, improve lower body strength and stamina, and improve alignment while working.

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