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MELT & Balance Warm-up with Abbey

Instructor: Abigail Larsen
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :      A resistance band, lightweight, a wall nearby, and MELT balls (a great kit to have at home and something you can do at any time before after or unrelated to your workout to release and hydrate fascia and release tensions in the body).

Focus :    MELT Warm-up. Fascial release in the feet. Balancing hip work. Feet and ankle strengthening. Proprioception. Gate correction.

Class Level :     ALL levels. FOR EVERYONE!

The Course of this Class :     This class is a fabulous warm-up before ANY workout no matter your level. It is also a great cool down, or all on its own. You’ll learn simple release exercises you can do at any time around your workout or entirely apart from any workout. These methods will help release tensions in the body, wake the circulatory system up, hydrate your fascia, and powerfully strengthen your proprioception and balance. We will do some hip work which is very subtle but very powerful for gate correction and strengthening. If you have hips that are tilted, rotated, weak, any of that (I feel like we all do to some degree) this simple yet effective work is for you. Today should give you take aways you can do on your own time so you aren’t dependent on always coming back to this video. But of course, you can come back as often as you like! 😉

Goals :      I want to encourage you all to take this class. I seldom do slower work, BUT every time I do I realize the power and importance of including it into my regular routine!

Our goals today is as already stated: release the fascia, hydrate the fascia, improve our balance from feet and ankle up, strengthen the hips, and improve our proprioception.

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