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More Hips & Shoulders: Strength and Balance for All Ages, All-Time

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus :   

Deeper strength and balance developed in the hip capsule, legs and shoulders as well again today for our second Anti-aging class. Similar to our first workout we’ll continue our standing balance work and add in some complexity. That said, these exercises remain a baseline for the movements we want to include in our every week routine to maintain our strength, joint mobility, fall prevention, bone density, quality of life, vitality and longevity.

In this series we are answering the question:

“WHAT MOVEMENTS should I include in my daily, or at the minimum, weekly routine for my best quality of life and for my longevity?”

Use this class to return to as often as you like, or as a quick reminder of the movements and exercises themselves which you can do in a workout or while doing a daily activity otherwise. These movements are often in our complete workouts so if you are following those regularly you are sure to get your needed dose.

Equipment Needed :     

Resistance band, light to medium resistance. Stand near a balance assist: a wall, the back of a chair, or near a countertop. Your mat. A step, stair, box, or stack of books for step ups.

Class Level :     

ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :   

Start standing near your balance assist. We begin with the lower body and hip work and then move to the shoulders. Here is a list of the movements so if you wish to have a reminder after class you can always come back here and have a quick glance!

Hips: Basic lunge. Standing T’s (teeter totter). Standing T arcs. Single leg balancing, eyes closed. Standing hip circles. Step ups.

Shoulders: Goalie arm pull from overhead. Serve 2 trays. T pulls with upper back extension. Chest expansion balanced on one leg. Tricep push ups. Side push ups: lower arm only, and both arms.

These strength and balance exercises are simple but very effective to maintaining key baseline strength for every daily activity and pursuit. Make sure to maintain your strength and mobility in them. If they feel easy then give yourself a hand! But keep it up, because what we don’t practice we lose.

Goals :     

Build, develop & maintain strength and balance in the hip and shoulder joints. Also keep the legs strong. Work standing posture and alignment. Improve and practice balance and strengthen vestibular system as well as proprioception. Learn not to rely so much on sight. Take away the knowledge of what exercises should be your baseline strength. Move with ease and grace for all time and in all ages.

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