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Move to Feel Good! Wake up with Ruta, Live Replay

Instructor: Ruta Antanaityte
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  Mat.

This is a LIVE replay of our Wake-up Pilates Mat and today we move to feel good, it’s all about feel good movement: circulatory, energizing, stretching, fluid moves. Direct from Pilates Academy Dubai, a great class to start or end any day.

Focus :  Total body feel good workout. A great stretch and wake up workout on its own, or before a harder more intense, or cardio routine!

Class Level :  ALL levels!

Goals :  Warm-up the body before taking it into deeper and more intense work. Always so good to ease into movement in order to open the body up and get the most out of all our movement. OR also a great mid-day move to feel good and wake up as well if in the midst of desk work.

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