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My “give me” Long Lean Legs workout, it’s all about those springs!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate
Focus :

Truly this is my long lean legs workout on the half cadillac (or tower). Throw your feet up in those springs and we’ll burn, firm and tone the length of those legs using long sweeping movements. You’ll also get some sculpting core and ab exercises in towards the latter half of class. A fabulous workout for targeting your lower half and something definitely to come back to regularly as you will really see the difference quickly when done regularly.

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard or Tower and mat, or Cadillac; 2 long light weight or heavy weight (whichever you prefer) springs with straps for feet, and & short heavier weight spring attached to your push through bar. Also we’ll be incorporation a small soft ball, you can substitute with a small hand towel if you do not have one.

Class Level :

Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :

We start with our feet in the straps and we’ll continue like so supine, side lying, prone and quadruped. Get ready to lengthen and really feel the burn in the backs of the legs. For the last part of class we’ll change our focus to our booty and core using the push through bar. Get ready for teasers and hip circles. Class pace is steady and sure while focusing on the precision of our movement and most importantly staying engaged throughout each direction zipping up those legs. These exercises today are truly unrivaled to getting those long lean legs in our workout.

One to repeat regularly.

Goals :

Refine, tone, sculpt, burn and firm legs. Yes, a long lean legs workout. Also strengthen and sculpt glutes and core muscles. Improve breath, circulation, flow, and precision. Improve alignment and strength in pelvis, hips and lumbar spine. Increase flexibility in hamstrings.

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