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No Crunch, Absolute ABS !

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

no crunches… *Equipment Needed :     Reformer. Small to medium stability ball (or you could use a balance cushion also).

Focus :    No crunching, I promise! We will sculpt your ABS without crunches and without folding forward. I’m excited to share this class with you; because honestly there are so many effective ways to build a rock solid core without flexion. In fact, most of them are more effective than those with flexion. And for those of us with back problems today will be awesome for you. Also, remember that our CORE is 360° around, so we are also going to build a stronger back and upright posture.

Class Level :     Intermediate on up. 

The Course of this Class :     Start on your back, legs in straps, no strain on the hip flexors, no worry! Next, pop the stability ball or a balance cushion under your sacrum to challenge all those deep core stabilizers while we mobilize. Sit it up to work that pelvic floor and all that lifts your spine tall. And without spoiling the rest, well, we’ll just keep on moving around the Reformer in all planes. Join me and let’s do this! 

Goals :      Develop a stronger core all the way around your spine. Do this avoiding spinal flexion. 

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