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Our Exercise Mat

Our exercise mat - Gone Adventuring

Our Exercise Mat is about 5’9″ (180cm) long x 1’9″ (60cm) wide x 1/3″ (0,60cm) thick. We recommend a Pilates Mat thick enough to support and protect the spine, non-toxic and with some texture to prevent slipping.

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When purchasing a Mat it is important to consider the following factors :

  1. Choose a Mat with enough thickness to protect the spine. All of our workouts will require a thicker mat than the typical thinner yoga style mat. This is why we recommend a Pilates mat which often are made thicker.
  2. Choose a Mat with some texture, ribbing is preferable, this enables sliding when desired and prevents slipping when needed to hold a pose.
  3. Choose a Mat wide enough. Some can run too narrow.
  4. IF you plan on traveling with your Mat you might choose a Mat for its portability. We will note that thicker mats are less easily portable, just something to keep in mind.
  5. We highly recommend choosing a non-toxic mat.