Our Gliding Discs - Gone Adventuring

Our gliding discs are two different types. You’ll see us in the videos using something as simple as paper plates so you can go with that option and you don’t need to buy anything. But for best performance here are 2 types of gliding discs.

  1. Rolling discs with 4 wheels that are omni-directional (360° turning). Our discs are 14″ in diameter. They have a hard grip surface and also an extra 3/4″ thick rubber pad that can be placed on the top for cushioning.

You can purchase them here FLEX DISC FIT.

  1. Gliding or sliding discs across either carpet or hard floor are lightweight, transportable, easily storable, inexpensive, and a fabulous way to up the challenge to your Mat routine and sessions.

You can purchase them here CORE SLIDERS.