Our Pilates Arc - Gone Adventuring

Our Spine Corrector, yes that is what I call it and knew it as, but apparently it is referred to as an arc and step barrel. So, in videos you’ll possible hear Spine Corrector but it is all referring to the following piece of equipment.


When purchasing an arc, there are many style options, here are some considerations to keep in mind :

  1. Storage space, consider the size and weight it is and how much space you need to store it.
  2. Cost
  3. Padded, not padded
  4. Versatility (Many arcs are more aesthetically pleasing than ours, but the reason why we choose ours is because it can separate and we can use the 2 pieces individually which provides a lot of versatility to its use)
  5. Durability and quality of construction
  6. Angle of the arc (Some arcs have a very sharp angle, great for shorter people, but if you are taller you will likely want a more gradual arc. Again ours has one side that is sharper and the other that is more gradual, thus giving more versatility all-in-one.)
  7. Ability to use in conjunction with other Pilates equipment. (This may not be your deciding factor, for us, our arc can be easily added on the Reformer.)
  8. Stability (You may prefer a heavier arc and step barrel so it doesn’t slide)
  9. Surface smooth or textured, providing glide or stick

Lastly, if you would prefer a wood construction arc with padding, of all the many options out there we are fans of the Contour Step Barrel by Balanced Body. This design offers a very ergonomic arc and step, kind to the spine and the feet, and can also be upgraded to come with attachments to add arm springs.