Our Pilates Chair, Exo Chair, what it is & which one is best for you - Gone Adventuring

Our Pilates Chair is Balanced Body’s Exo Split-Pedal Chair. It is 24.5″ (62cm) high x 29.5″ (75cm) long x 23.5″ (60cm) wide. The seat is 23.5″ (60cm) wide x 16″ (41cm) narrow. It weighs 36 lbs (16.3kg) and so is the lightest of the Pilates chairs.

Purchase our EXO SPLIT-PEDAL CHAIR here. We also have the Heavy Resistance Bands Kit which adds a world of options to exercises, and we suggest getting this or the Light Resistance Bands Kit if you go with the Exo Chair as it is unique in allowing these additions.

When purchasing a Pilates Chair it is important to consider the following factors :

  1. Durability/Construction
  2. Portability/Weight
  3. Comfort: Seat & Pedal padding; Width of pedal and seat; Non-stick pedal surface for safety.
  4. Cactus and Resistance system: 1 cactus or 2, 2 springs or 4.
  5. Handles or none.
  6. Hooks to attach extra springs for arms and legs, or none.
  7. Split pedal or single pedal.

Another model and style we recommend and like is the COMBO CHAIR. This is very heavy, sturdy and with handles and 4 springs, as well as a split pedal and a wooden dowel, there is lots to do.