Our Pilates Reformer, Balanced Body Studio Reformer, what it is & which one is for you - Gone Adventuring

Our Pilates Reformer is Balanced Body’s Studio Reformer. It is the standard 14″ high (36cm) x 93″ long (236cm) x 26.5″ wide (69cm). It is built of one solid piece of Maple wood.

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Customizable options & Accessories.

There will be a world of options to consider when purchasing your Reformer. Among these we suggest :

Other styles and makes we recommend and like : Balanced Body Allegro 2, Stott Reformer a slightly smaller frame but excellently built.

When purchasing a Pilates Reformer it is important to consider the following factors :

  1. Choose a well built, solid frame machine. Whether that frame is metal or wood, you want it to be solid and preferably of one piece construction.
  2. Choose a reliable company that has been crafting these for many years and has a good track record in quality and customer service, standing behind their product.
  3. Make sure that all the working parts are tucked away and crafted into the design so they aren’t a safety hazard like catching fingers, pant legs or strands of hair (not so lovely). Check for clean and smooth glide to both carriage, straps, and even the footbar.
  4. Consider the frame dimensions in both length and width, as you cannot adjust these later. If you are very tall and work with tall clients you may want an extra long frame and you may want to avoid frames which are made more compact and short, for example.
  5. Consider your use of the machine : for example, if your main use will be at home and mostly just for yourself, you may prefer a lighter weight frame with a more simplified design and options. (The Allegro 2 is a wonderful Reformer for this purpose).