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Our Reformer Box

Reformer Box

Our Reformer Box, commonly referred to as Short box or Long box, goes with our Balanced Body Studio Reformer. If you do not have a Reformer but you are interested in getting a box on its own, below is some information to help you make your choice between the different styles available.

Our standard sitting box is 16.75”wide x 29.5”long x 11.5”high (42cm x 74cm x 29cm).

Purchase our REFORMER BOX here. Other options: 2. Contour sitting box, with curved corners and more padding here. And 3. Sitting box lite, lighter weight, made of dense hard foam that will not deform here, this one is slightly larger than our standard size.

Things to consider when purchasing a box :

  1. Handles for easy lifting and moving.
  2. Padding for the spine and hips.
  3. Surface : smooth or textured.
  4. Weight of the box.
  5. Size of the box.