Our Stability Balls - Gone Adventuring

Our stability balls are medium: 8-10″ (20-25cm) in diameter, and small : 6″ (15cm) in diameter, and both lightly textured to prevent slipping.

Purchase our medium STABILITY BALL here. Purchase our small STABILITY BALL here.

When purchasing a stability ball it is important to consider the following factors :

  1. Try to find non-toxic and Phthalate-free balls.
  2. Choose a ball with a light texture to prevent slipping.
  3. Know the size you are looking for. Remember a larger ball will have more play in size, somewhat inflated to all the way inflated, while a smaller ball will have less play simply due to its smaller size. IF you only want to choose one WE RECOMMEND buying the medium size, we find it the most versatile if you only want one size.

These are VERY portable, easy to inflate with a small straw and deflate in no time, pack in your suitcase and use for exercise as well as stretching, massage and stress release in tissues.