Welcome to Gone Adventuring. Let's move together.​

Our Story

Welcome to Gone Adventuring!

We are a worldwide community of movers, here to inspire, motivate, and activate one another in living healthy, active lives anywhere at anytime!

However you just found us, I’m so glad you did!
I’m Kristi, the founder and creator of Gone Adventuring and I want to personally welcome you on board!

Here you will find

500+ creative, innovative, inspired workouts

Motivation and inspiration to live an active, healthy life and achieve your fitness goals
The best instructors in Pilates, barre, fitness, HIIT training and mind-body movement

A trusted place you can call your home studio
Direct access from wherever you are
Ideas and support to grow in your own practice if you are an Instructor

Whichever country you might be joining from, I am so very happy to count you with us in this adventure!
We want to share our passion for Pilates and fitness with you, bring inspiration and innovation into all we do, and motivate and provide the place where we can live healthier, active lives in a positive, encouraging environment!

Allow me to share with you a little about myself and how this all got started.

I traveled the world for over 10 years


During that time as both a client and instructor I learned what it was like to not always have access to a Pilates studio, as well as experienced instructors in the field. At that time, I was able to keep up my own practice with my educational background, but I met countless instructors and clients alike, asking me for access to more instruction near them. 



A dream was born


After all those travels, I wanted to create my own platform, including instructors I have discovered and love, where no matter how remote one’s physical location, we could immediately follow real trainings, and be connected to a worldwide community of amazing teachers, ideas and resources.

Coming from a firm Pilates background with certain foundational principles to intelligent, efficient, effective movement, the workouts we feature beyond the Pilates method, such as fitness, HIIT training, cardio training, and barre will always keep to those same wise principles to support healthy living, and strong bodies.

gone adventuring somewhere again
gone adventuring somewhere again
Why the name Gone Adventuring?


As much as I have always loved sports and athletics, equally I have always loved to explore the world around me and to travel. When friends or family would ask, “where’s Kristi now?” The answer would be “gone adventuring somewhere again”. 

Just like movement, it makes me feel alive, encourages me to discover and learn new things, to grow, to have a sense of awe and wonder, and to continue to be moldable and adaptable. Not to mention, travel affords the opportunity to meet and connect with new people! This name expresses the spirit of this community and what we seek to bring into our daily movement practice. So welcome to the discovery and the adventure together!

Join the movement! Live the adventure!