Our Suspension System, we use the TRX at Gone Adventuring

Our suspension system is from TRX. It is our preferred suspension system, although there are many other options out there. We use the TRX Pro which basically comes with more cushion in the handles. Other than that though you can get the TRX GO which is lighter, more portable, and comes with all your anchors minus your ceiling anchor.

Purchase the TRX GO here.

When purchasing a suspension system you will simply want to consider :

  1. Do I want to take it outside with me?
  2. Do I want to install an anchor in my ceiling? Or do I want to use it on the back of a door?

Some packages come with all your anchors, some you will have to order separately. We suggest whatever you choose, choosing a model with straps which are easy and quick to adjust so you don’t loose time in your workout!