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Partner Pilates Mat Class Live Replay with Cloè & Aron

Instructor: Cloè Sommadossi
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  Mat and a partner!

This is a LIVE replay of our partner Pilates mat class lead by Cloè and Aron direct from Pilates Academy Dubai.

If you have experienced how much fun, challenging and effective a Pilates class can be, you need to try the power with a partner- because together, everything feels better!

Grab your husband, wife, workout buddy and get ready to have so much fun while challenging your connectivity, strength, flexibility and team building skills ?! You’re gonna love this partner Pilates mat class!

Focus :  Total body flexibility and strength.

Class Level :  ALL levels! We want everyone to join. Modifications will be given.

Goals :  Develop more connectivity, team building skills, increase flexibility and strength. HAVE FUN most of all!

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