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Jenae Vierhus

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Sustainable Fitness
Muscle Building
Fat Loss
Macro Nutrition
Jenae Vierhus, Gone Adventuring

______ What Inspires You ______

“I’m inspired to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle to be the example for others and help others see that it doesn’t have to be an extreme, but rather something sustainable and enjoyable. Now being a mother, I am even more inspired to set the example for my daughter.”

______ Outside the Gym ______

“My favorite activities outside of the gym are going to the beach; long walks down the main street in town or just in nature somewhere; spending time with family and loved ones; and curling up at home and watching movies.”

______ Biography ______

Jenae is a National Council Strength and Fitness certified personal trainer. She has always loved being active, but her journey in strength training began when she was 20 years old. A personal trainer showed her a few exercises in the gym and she instantly fell in love with weightlifting. In the years to follow she started creating her own workout programs; competed in a National Physique Committee Bikini competition (the largest U.S. amateur body building organization); mastered macro counting, and attained her NCSF certification. Jenae is passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals and love their bodies. To reach more people, in 2017 she started online coaching. Her approach to training and diet is centered around balance and flexibility. She never wants her clients to miss out on date nights, birthday parties, the holidays, etc., because their program doesn’t give them the tools on how to be successful in those situations. Her speciality has become tailoring fitness to fit each and every one of her clients and their unique lifestyle, goals and needs. Her discipline and passion is catching, she empowers, invigorates and educates her clients.

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