Personal Training with Kristi, your 1:1 virtual coach at Gone Adventuring

Did you know that Kristi is available for 1:1 virtual sessions?


She splits her time between creating workouts for Gone Adventuring and spending time with clients in the Santa Barbara studio and virtually. She pours her heart and creativity into the workouts she curates both for Gone Adventuring as well as for each individual client. Kristi believes in the irreplaceable value of having a coach, not only for the accountability and motivation it offers, but even more to address one’s individual needs and goals and thereby effectively see tangible changes in the body through targeted and intelligent movement.

personal training with Jenae at Gone Adventuring

Jenae specializes in sustainable fitness. Her passion is to teach you how to take control of your health and fitness on a daily and weekly basis in a way that fits your lifestyle, your needs and your goals.

Her speciality is crafting programs specifically for her clients, and she can be booked for personal training here below.


What will you get with Jenae’s training packages?

Jenae’s coaching includes a full training program written just for you, cardio if necessary, and customized macros for your specific goals. You will have 24/7 email access to Jenae, weekly email check ins, and…



New clients only




Expires in 20 weeks


Monthly Auto Renew


Personal training with Kristi Chaussard

Kristi is well versed training both individuals as well as teachers, so if you happen to be looking for something more educational or help with your own teaching, please reach out to her as this is also available virtually.

If you are interested in having Kristi work 1:1 with you, you can purchase your sessions directly here above. Or if you would like more information, you can reach out to her to talk with her further about what you are looking for. She’ll be thrilled to work with you in your fitness journey. Once you do purchase your class(es) please make sure to call or email Kristi right away in order to begin your sessions.


adjustments to your program are made as needed.


Jenae will keep your training program and schedule, as well as your macro tracking, simple. She is all about helping you create a lifestyle you want to sustain. This is not a quick fix or weight loss program. As you progress, she will teach you the fundamentals and know-how to stay lean year round, without restricting the foods you love or eliminating social outings. Life happens and we all need to be able to adapt and adjust! Jenae’s program will always allow for that.

Contact Kristi with any questions and to tell her more about what you are looking for.

Contact Jenae with any questions and to tell her more about what you are looking for.