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PHIIT (Pilates & HIIT) on the Beach

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :     Just your Mat. Nothing else!

Focus :    PHIIT combining Pilates & HIIT, get ready to move! Raise your heart rate, burn fat, tone your CORE & lean your legs & bod. Burn calories while toning, reshaping and sculpting your silhouette. We’ll especially target abs, glutes & legs.

Class Level :    Beginner++ on up. (Just a reminder, I’m giving you the level you’ll want to have to try this class, that means anyone above this level, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!)

The Course of this Class :     We’ll alternate between sculpting ABS down on the mat to cardio and plyometric, low-impact moves up on our feet.  From near the Port of Pollença in Majorca, I hope the scenery motivates your workout and keeps you going that much more! We’ll move along at a good pace, and forgive my panting, as well, plan to get a work out and I’m right along with you! ;)

This has become one of my favorite ways to train as High Intensity Interval Training is simply so effective for quickly increasing our fitness level, and helping us reach fat burning goals.

Goals :    Get stronger & fitter by intensifying your workout using both the deep sculpting of Pilates & the cardio burn of High Intensity Interval Training.

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