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Pilates Academy Dubai

Let me introduce you to the Pilates Academy® Dubai, founded by Cloè Sommadossi.


Meet the team & learn more about this Pilates center of centers below👇🏼.

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Pilates Academy Dubai

Let me introduce you to Pilates Academy® Dubai,  founded by Cloè Sommadossi.
THE place to be, SO we are thrilled to bring you to their doorstep!😉

This is the Pilates center of centers, but not just the best for quality instruction and superb education; the best for their 💖heart and their team. I can’t hide my enthusiasm, guys, it is my joy to introduce you to a studio that has a piece of my own heart. Welcome to Pilates Academy Dubai!

Here you become family. Here you will learn things about movement and your own body in movement you never knew. Try their classes now, check above for their schedule & to sign up NOW for a class!

The Pilates Academy is dedicated to teaching Pilates principles and related disciplines to enhance health and wellness. The one and only studio in the Middle East offering Cardiolates®, Motr®, Silk Suspension, and Booty Barre®; recognized by the P.M.A. and certified with REPs UAE; and a renowned training center. To learn more visit Pilates Academy Dubai.

Cloè Sommadossi


______ Biography ______

Founder & Owner of Pilates Academy® Dubai
P.A.I. & Balanced Body Master Instructor Trainer
Pilates Instructor & Guru of pretty much everything movement😉

Cloè is an International Pilates Educator, Instructor Trainer, and PMA Certified Pilates Instructor; a MOTR® and CoreAlign® Master Trainer for Balanced Body®, and a Cardiolates® and SilkSuspension™ Master Trainer for the Pilates Academy International® (P.A.I.).

To learn all about Cloè read more here!

Meet Cloè’s International team below.

Victoria Court


______ Biography ______

Victoria has always been passionate about Dance and Fitness. From a young age she began taking classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance and Modern Theatre and later qualified as a dance teacher in Jazz and Modern Theatre (Professional Teachers of Dancing) and a Rowing Instructor (ARA).

She was first introduced to Pilates as part of her dance training and loved the strength it helped her to attain. Since moving to Dubai in 2011, Victoria was inspired to find new innovative ways of training that challenged the body and discovered a love for Barre Pilates. She quickly became a Bootybarre and Total Barre certified instructor and strongly believes that the combination of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga is a perfect way to tone the body in an energetic class setting. She then went on to become a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor- Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.

With a degree in Biological Sciences Victoria is passionate about anatomy and the inner workings of the body. This love led her to completing her Injuries and Special Populations certification including Pre and Postnatal and ensures she continues to learn and adapt as scientific discoveries evolve.  Victoria loves to pass her passion and education onto others to help people get the best out of their bodies! In her spare time she is an aspiring yogi, loves to be outdoors, travel and run!

Paola Simboli


______ Biography ______

Passionate about sports and travels, and driven by a strong will for self-development, Paola landed in Dubai from Italy in November 2017.

At the age of 17 she gets in contact with the fitness world and starts her professional journey in the movement field by acquiring several certifications (indoor cycling, body pump, step choreography, TRX® and personal training).

In 2010 Paola becomes Master Trainer creating two group classes formats related to the indoor cycling workout. In the same year, she also travels to New York to attend Robert Steinbacher’s bodyART® Training.

Thanks to her experience in the States, Paola approaches the Pilates discipline as a student at first, finding remarkable benefits to her injured spine (she suffers from two herniated discs and lumbar arthrosis) from its regular practice. It is thanks to the support of her new Pilates routine that Paola can dedicate her free time to her sport passions: kitesurfing and running.

Encouraged by her teaching vocation and interest in bringing wellness in her clients’ life, Paola becomes a Pilates Fully Certified Instructor by Michael King (Reformer) and the Pilates Academy International NYC.

Paola is also a Nutritional Professional Coach, certified by ISSA, and many of her clients find in Paola a great support both from a nutritional and physical-exercise points of view.

Her interdisciplinary experience, resulting from years of passionate work and study, defines Paola’s strengths:

  • The challenge of body awareness and mind power
  • Extra focus on psyco-physical wellness related to the everyday life
  • The motivational ability for the achievement of personal targets

Elena Buriani


______ Biography ______

Born in 1981 in Bologna, Italy, Elena moved to Dubai in 2015 with her husband and her two kids.

Elena started ballet when she was 3 years old and continued to dance until 2009 when she became pregnant for the first time. She started performing professionally as a contemporary dancer when she was 15 and was introduced to the Pilates discipline as part of her training. She was amazed at how Pilates developed her strength and flexibility and the positive effect it had on her chronic back pain.

In Dubai, the Pilates Academy gave her the opportunity to turn her passion into a career. Her mission is to provide people with the tools to improve their lives by raising their body awareness. Elena loves the precision of movement that the Pilates equipment affords creating a dance-like movement with the springs and straps that are reflected in the body. She enjoys working with clients to help them push through their limits of pain and control, helping them to gain freedom in their body.

Ruta Antanaityte


______ Biography ______

Having discovered Pilates after her back began protesting against constant hunching over the computer screen, it was love from the first class for Rūta. Despite studying literature, the more she practiced the more convinced she was to turn her practice into a career. She is constantly fascinated by how effective Pilates is for unlearning harmful daily habits and replacing them with beneficial ones, improving the quality of posture, health and life altogether.

When she is not teaching, she is reading non-fiction, listening to podcasts on current affairs or taking up outdoor activities, most probably hiking.

Claudia Greco

Pilates Academy Dubai-Claudia

______ Biography ______

Claudia is a fully certified Pilates Instructor, Antigravity, Bodyflying-Stark, Bootybarre, and postural certificate attendance. She is also an Aerial Master Trainer.

She has been in Pilates World since 2010 and she starts ballet when she was 7 years old

She has a background as a professional dancer and performer in theatre. For this reason, she put all of her experiences in her classes.

With her dance background, Claudia explores movements across disciplines and provides clients attention and a keen eye for detail. She challenges her clients to their highest potential and helps them to embody the movement experience.

Claudia will help you to reach your goals, improve posture, grace, and balance in your routine activities.

Ana Kramaric Van Eylen


______ Biography ______

During childhood Ana was a very active skinny child, with a lot of sports hobbies, namely playing tennis on a daily basis, as a result of which she developed scoliosis.

After many hospital visits as a result of her scoliosis Ana was placed on a strict exercise regime – this was actually her first introduction to some modified archival Pilates equipment and exercise routine, that she fell in love with. 6 years ago she actively started practicing within a Romana Pilates community, and continued her education between Dubai and Europe.

Accidental discovery of Pilates Academy Dubai and Cloe Sommadosi expanded her horizons and teaching, and she found great interest in contemporary Pilates that she intended to pursue. Ana is a proud mum of a 2 years old toddler and a strong believer in core strength development and diastasis recovery, as after hard work her diastasis closed 8 months postpartum. A horrible cliche but she really loves to receive messages from clients saying that their diastasis is closed or they are pain free, that happiness is what it’s all about, what Pilates is.


Francesca Forner


______ Biography ______

Francesca discovered and developed a crazy passion for Pilates during her sports career as a Synchronized swimmer in Italy. Pilates helped her to understand the alignment of the body, improve flexibility and strengthen and prevent injuries during the workout.

Her passion now is to educate and teach to clients on the essence of movement and instill in everyone Pilates principles they can use in their everyday lives, enabling them to move with more energy, less pain, improved flexibility, endurance, and strength.

She likes educating kids and adults on the correct ways to workout toward their goals while helping them get fit, healthy and strong.

Through her teaching, Francesca hopes to inspire others to find the same motivation and enthusiasm for Pilates without forgetting to get fun!

Karyn Laverne


______ Biography ______

Karyne was introduced to Pilates through Dance Medicine at St. Francis Memorial Hospital, as a form of rehabilitation from an injury sustained during her competitive figure skating career. As a nationally ranked figure skater, she had tried many different types of body connection and awareness training, yet during her rehabilitation at Dance Medicine, she experienced transformations in her body which allowed her to return to the ice stronger and more centered than she’d ever been. This “ah-ha” moment led her to find her true passion: Pilates.

Upon retirement from competitive figure skating, Karyn began to study and teach Pilates. She has had the privilege of studying with world renowned Pilates teachers and specialists such as Diana Herold, Naomi Leiserson, Joy Puelo, Nora St. John, and Adrianne Wrightson. In 2015 she became a Pilates Teacher Trainer and a Balanced Body Master Instructor under the tutelage of Nora St. John.

Masters in Kinesiology

Balanced Body Master Instructor: Pilates, CoreAlign, Anatomy in 3D, Barre and MOTR

United States Figure Skating Association Member of Hall of Fame

Anjali Chandiramani


______ Biography ______

Anjali has always been a fitness enthusiast and has loves curating HIIT fitness concepts. Her concepts are very well received by individuals bustling in their busy lives that are continually on the lookout for workouts that blast calories fast.

Her entrepreneurial journey with fitness began when she founded A-TONE in Dubai. It was then Anjali, a certified trainer, created the Cross-cuit style of working out.

The Pilates Academy in Dubai is Anjali’s new venture where she trains for Reformer Pilates and Motr. She curates and conducts classes that are a combination of Pilates and HIIT. Her Active Motr. class focuses on burning a ton of calories, challenging stability and core.

Anjali believes in changing lives in the simplest and realistic ways that are possible. She has mastered and enjoys conducting HIIT PILATES- a combination of both routines to fire up the core, add interval training to burn those calories, keep the heart rate up and spike up the adrenalin.

Previously, Anjali created cross-cuit training, a hybrid of cross-fit and circuit training that incorporates time-based HIIT routines into strength training such as strongman, resistance, Olympic weights, and insanity regimes for a total-body meltdown without the risk of overexertion.

Anjali’s motto is to choose fitness as a lifestyle, as working out drives her. Anjali Chandiramani is a Dubai-based MBA holder.