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Full Body Pilates Cadillac Feel Strong & Long Flow

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :

Using the Pilates Cadillac reformer turned trap table, this full body workout will make you stronger and longer. You’ll work arms, legs, side body, abs, booty and back. Enjoy the traction created by the springs on the trap table enforcing that stretch within your muscles as you also strengthen and reinforce those muscles. This is a feel good flow with a gentle pace.

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard or Tower and mat, Reformer/Tower, or full Pilates Cadillac; 2 short medium weight springs attached to your push through bar, and 2 long lighter or heavier (you choose) springs with straps.

Class Level :

ALL levels. We perform the advanced bridge in this class session, if you find it too advanced you will just modify. Other than that, most all levels should be able to easily follow this full body flow.

The Course of this Class :

Start with footwork and abs. Move onto bridging and side body swings. Relax and enjoy some front body opening with swan and added rotations. Heat up the backs of those legs with feet in straps. And finally, finish standing with hands in straps for some upper body and core work. Our class pace is gentle and steady. As stated above each exercise will give you the chance to elongate your muscles as much as strengthen them. Enjoy the flow today while also focusing on your breath and your form. Use the springs to really push against getting the most length out of your limbs as we go.

This is a great full body, feel good flow, you can come back to time and time again.

Goals :

Strengthen and lengthen tissues and muscles throughout the whole body getting the full benefit of the pilates cadillac. Work on full breath, improve form and flow. Make new connections and have fun in your practice. Strengthen legs, abs and arms. Open front body. Improve extension and rotation. Increase flexibility.

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