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All Around the Roll Down Bar on the Pilates Cadillac Reformer

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :

Using the Pilates cadillac reformer this full body workout session is organized all around our roll down bar. Just for fun and also for fluidity to our workout. We’ll move through many of the classical exercises using this bar and explore how it strengthens and challenges our shoulder girdle, core, pelvic stability and both posterior chain and side body strength. We’ll use it to challenge our balance and mind-body connectivity moving from center outwards with control. This workout will both strengthen you, challenge you, and mobilize your spine and joints in every way while reinforcing around them.

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard or Tower and mat, or Cadillac; 2 short lightweight springs attached to your roll down bar, and 2 long lighter or heavier (you choose) springs with straps.

Class Level :

Intermediate level with some more advanced cadillac exercises in today’s repertoire but nothing that cannot be modified if needed or it is your first time trying them.

The Course of this Class :

Start with classical roll downs of course with the roll down bar to begin our warm up and connecting to our body in movement. We’ll incorporate some arm and shoulder girdle work. Next up: bridging and the hundred! Now that we are warmed up we move onto our side lying oblique lifts. This series opens the way for our advanced mermaid. Get ready for a fun balancing side kneeling leg kick series. With the tower to our back we return to more bridging which leads into our advanced backwards somersault, unfolding and levering out from center with control. Get ready to throw your feet in straps and finish with magician and leg work to heat up, sculpt and tone the whole long line of the legs! The exercises we use today are truly unique to the Pilates cadillac reformer and provide both traction in the body while also building strength, it’s unrivaled.

This is a challenging workout most especially for the shoulder muscles, core and legs.

Goals :

Deepen our movement practice, control, precision and form. Strengthen the shoulders, upper back muscles, side body, core and abs, and the legs. Improve upon our performance of certain more advanced exercises (hone your practice). Flow, move fluidly. Increase flexibility and spinal mobility.

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