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How To: Neutral Spine SIDE LYING & PRONE

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard

Pilates neutral spine. *Equipment Needed :     Mat only.

Class Level :     ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :     This simple tutorial will help you know what neutral spine is and how you can find it in your body when lying on your back on the mat. We perform exercises in Pilates in all planes, meaning on our back, our sides and our stomachs (prone); in each position, it is important to establish how to position and stabilize our bodies so that we can move from that position in powerful and effective ways to get results.

Pilates can be a bit technical and it is important to understand the basic foundations of body alignment and breath in order to then get the absolute most out of each exercise! Once you establish this in your body you are good to go and this will set you up for success in your own personal mind body practice. This will also protect you from any injury so if you are new to Pilates and doing this online this is an absolute must to watch and understand.

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