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How To: Shoulder Positioning

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Pilates postures… *Equipment Needed :     Resistance band. Wall. 

Focus :     Understand 1) the correct posture for your shoulders; 2) how your shoulders glide; 3) the directions in which they move; and 4) how to set them. We’ll talk about the position we’d like to have our shoulders in for different exercises that we do. I’ll demonstrate both right and wrong positioning to help give a clearer understanding, and we’ll practice together. Whether you are new to movement or you carry your stress in your neck and shoulders, this will be a helpful reminder and tutorial. Also, if you struggle with winging shoulders in planks, this will help. See also How To: Neutral Spine Quadruped and Plank.

Class Level :     All levels. 

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