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Improving your Pilates Practice, Beginner Reformer Series, Part 5

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner

Focus : 

Continuing to improve our Pilates practice on the Reformer today in this beginner series. Here is what you will see in the way of new exercises: rowing facing front; serve a tray series; stomach massage; high bridge; side lying series; swan; thigh stretch; chest expansion; backstroke; teaser; long stretch series; and the semi-circle or wheel as it is also sometimes called. Some exercises we have already covered in a prior workout, others will be for the first time. Plan to move through in a workout flow while also thoroughly looking at proper form, alignment and breath patterns. This is a full body flow.

Take this class if you have been following our other beginner reformer pilates and/or mat pilates workouts. This class is made to help you perfect your own pilates practice.

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer and Reformer sitting box.

The Course of this Class :

If you love your footwork, start first with that then press play. We start very un-classical today by beginning with our Rowing series facing front. Don’t worry though you’ll get your Hundred in and ab work as that needs to be practiced and is at the core of the work. In fact, you’ll also re-see your reverse abs with thighs in straps, wahoo! 😁💪You’ll work arms, spine, glutes, legs, and abs today whilst improving your form, technique and pilates practice over all. Focus on just that as well through each exercise: form, breath and alignment. Connect to your core and move from your core outward in all we do.

Our pace is much more like a regular class today though we still include a lot of teaching tips. This will help you develop more stamina and flow in your practice as well while staying focused on moving from core out.

Let us know below in comments if you have any questions about any exercises seen today👇🏼

Class Level : 

Pilates Beginners.

Goals : 

Improve and deepen your pilates practice, confidence in each exercise, knowledge and performance of those exercises. Increase strength and stamina overall. Full body workout flow. Know how to use your Reformer. Work proper technique and alignment. Move your practice from beginner to intermediate.

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