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LIGHT UP your Core, Discover the Magic – Pilates Ring Benefits – Day 22

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels, Intermediate

Focus :   

Today’s workout highlights the pilates ring benefits, often referred to as the ring of fire, lighting up inner thighs, pelvic floor, and all of the core. This is a very complete full torso and lumbo-pelvic-hip workout, simply meaning that we encompass all these muscles around the spine, top to bottom. You’ll therefore, strengthen your core, abs, spine, hips, pelvic floor, working both stability and strength throughout our class.

Equipment Needed :     

The Reformer, a Spine Corrector (if you do not have one I will explain at the intro of class how you could still do this class without it), and a Pilates ring (aka Magic Circle).

➡️ Remember our rule! IF you do not have the Reformer, simply repeat a prior workout in our program so you remain consistent and on track.👍🏼

Class Level :     

Intermediate. Suggestions given for modifications when needed. If you are not yet intermediate, try this anyways and just take breaks and apply the modifications, you’ll get there! If you are advanced, you can do this too! 👍

The Course of this Class :   

Starting seated on the spine corrector we will work through a series of crunches and rolls targeting our abs to get those pilates ring benefits. This focused work enables you to really connect to your core and work on drawing your abdominal wall backwards as you round forwards. These exercises will strengthen your lumbar spine as much as your abs, and additionally the adductors. Be ready for some side body work as well into the obliques; and, our core workout wouldn’t be complete without some planks and push ups. So, be ready to finish on that note. If you do not have a spine corrector you may be able to make do, doing these exercises directly onto the carriage with some minor modifications like using a folded up towel to prop yourself up.

Bravo, you’ve made it to the first day of our last week of our Core Strength Program. I hope you are feeling stronger and notice more stamina in those core muscles. Only 2 days left, so keep it up!

Drop me a comment below to let me know how you liked class 👇🏼

Goals :     

Strengthen pelvic floor, adductors, transverse ab, obliques, rectus ab, and all trunk muscles. Discover the magic of the pilates ring benefits. Work the abdominal muscles continually and consistently each week with targeted workouts to increase as well as maintain a strong core. Tone, trim and sculpt. Improve spine health. Improve breathing. Move from center out. Commit to a regular program each week for 8 weeks and see noticeable changes in your body.

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