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We are a private Pilates and fitness studio, with a unique open-air setting that overlooks a bright and cheery garden. Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, our Pilates teaching is dedicated solely to you, with one-on-one instruction tailored to your body’s needs.

We happen to think it’s pretty cool to work out to bird songs and the ocean breeze in place of studio walls, but that’s just us—come be the judge of that yourself!

Our Instruction

Kristi is an internationally-recognized Teacher Trainer, Balanced Body certified Pilates Instructor, Cardiolates® Instructor (rebound training)Pilates Suspension Method (TRX) Instructor, and Muscle Activation Therapist.

Gone Adventuring offers top-quality, results-driven training using Pilates, HIIT, TRX, Cardio, and Trampoline. The methods we use depends on the results we’re seeking and to ensure we’re mixing things up to keep your workouts fresh!

Our Results

We believe working hard always pays off! Our Pilates classes in Santa Barbara are designed to improve posture and balance, build toned muscle, help you achieve specific goals, and challenge the mind-body connection with each session. We are all about dynamic and intense, focused movement. But don’t worry—we also like to have fun while we’re at it! 

Made just for You

Kristi believes in helping you find a deeper connection to your own body, and empowering you in your movement. This is why she does private classes designed just for your needs, all from the comfort of our beautiful Pilates studio in Santa Barbara.

Creative & Effective

In addition to our privately-tailored classes at our Santa Barbara Pilates studio, we offer awesome online group classes to supplement your weekly training. Our classes include cardio, sculpt, resistance, and weight training workouts, with all types of equipment.

Training for Athletes

& Injuries

Kristi’s background is in competitive athletics, meaning she specializes in training athletes and rehabbing injuries. She also has extensive experience training Pilates teachers around the world. 

Whether you’re visiting the city on vacation or a permanent SoCal resident, drop into our Santa Barbara Pilates studio for one class at a time. Our one-class option gives you all the flexibility you need to fit a workout into your schedule.

Buy a pack of 10 private classes at once to get a 10% OFF single class price. Redeem all 10 classes within 20 weeks of purchase. Contact us to schedule your classes as you go or put all 10 on the calendar now. 

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Monthly Auto-renew

Want accountability to stay consistent? Enroll in our monthly auto-renew for the same unbeatable 10% off our private classes when you invest in a new you by committing to 2 classes a week!

Our private studio is by appointment only, so purchase a class online or give us a call today! Come move with us in Santa Barbara!


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Our private studio is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,

so buy a class online or give us a call today!

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