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Pilates :

What it is & is not

Pilates is by Gone Adventuring


a balanced, body conditioning form of exercise, which puts a particular and very notable emphasis on posture, spinal and pelvic alignment, and intercostal breathing (the Pilates breath). These emphasis tend to set it apart from other disciplines in addition to fluidity of movement and exercise sequencing; as well as quality over quantity of repetitions for maximum, optimal output.


There is both Mat Pilates and machine Pilates. Mat Pilates functions on a body weight system while machine Pilates is based on a pully system using springs in addition to body weight. This system is highly effective as it works both the concentric and eccentric directions of movement which is essential for developing both strong and balanced musculature. 


What are the benefits to practicing Pilates ?

  1. Develop deep Core strength

360° around the spine : abs, back, hips and glutes (it’s true, you’ll get flat abs)

  • Build Lean Muscle Tone

redefine the entire body & silhouette

  • Balance Musculature
  • Improve Coordination, Balance, Power & Control
  • Increase Flexibility & Agility
  • Power your sports performance

for athletes

  • Prevent Injury
  • Rehabilitate
  • Tune in to your body

All in order to move & function at our optimum with utmost efficiency and ease in all we do whether daily tasks or professional sports.

Pilates can often seem a bit ambiguous if you have never tried it before and a bit foreign due to all our cueing of anatomy. But, don’t get disuaded because of that!


PILATES IS fun…   an amazingly challenging form of exercise which really has no limits to where it can take you and how it can support and challenge you…   and incredibly effective for all profiles, ages, and needs.

Try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!


It is not yoga. It is most often thought of with yoga as they are both mind-body disciplines; however, these two happen to function on two very different premises.


It is not a method of relaxation or stretching, though flexibility is gained by the practice of Pilates.


It is not a slow and meditative practice, though each exercise is performed with keen concentration and control. Pilates requires much physical effort and one should expect to work hard, possibly shake, maybe sweat, not only physically but mentally. This is a workout, get ready for it!


It is not an exercise method only for women. Though it has become predominantly practiced by women, Pilates was created by a man, Joseph Pilates, who also boxed. He used to it to train, as well as rehabilitate athletes. It is a tough, effective, and most importantly functional method of body training and conditioning used today by some of the top athletes in football, basketball, surfing, cycling, running, and many more sports.  


It is not only for when you get older. It is for every age. In fact, if most of us practiced it much earlier we’d likely understand better how to move and use our bodies thereby avoiding sports injuries and the rest. In addition, we’d be more powerful and effective in all our daily activities and sports. 


It is not only for dancers. Joseph Pilates had many dancers that came to him in New York that he rehabilitated, but it wasn’t conceived for dancers. It is effective for everyone, and was created for all. 

The Cyclist's Workout LIVE class by Gone Adventuring

I'm pretty sure you'll like it!