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Plank Party! Take the challenge: 17 minutes of planks!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Mat.

Focus :  Plank challenge. Try this Mat class where we are up in plank the whole time. Work on your form and your endurance while targeting your core, shoulder and arm muscles the entire time. Don’t worry there will be transitions and some breaks, we want to favor our form. Plank is such a total body exercise that is very effective in burning fat (when in the position long enough), and toning particularly the core and upper body. Our moves today will be focused and slow for increased deep burn and work.

Class Level :  Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :  Plank facing all each directions: front plank, side planks and back plank. We will also work some in quadruped. There are always modifications so don’t be shy to start this class even if you start on your knees and elbows. It’s all about progressions and working our way up! So start and you’ll see your own progressions build!

Goals :  Challenge yourself. Increase your stamina. Develop more CORE strength. It takes a ton of core strength to stay in plank. If you ever feel your low back “sag” this is your biggest indicator that your core is no longer holding you up there! Come down, take a break and when you are ready, go back up for that plank challenge.

Develop better shoulder girdle strength and alignment. Basically, we want to work your anterior serratus, often called your push up muscle, which is what helps stabilize your scapula (so they don’t wing) when you are in plank. The more you work your plank, the more you will establish “flat” shoulder blades when up there, as well as a broad chest (you don’t want to round the upper back either, which would hide the chest). Likewise, the stronger your core is to support you in the plank position, the greater ease your shoulder girdle will have.

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