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Day 11: Plyo + Pilates Cardio Play Day, Strength Training for Fat Loss

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Pilates cardio day today on the jumpboard and the floor! We’re comparing cardio vertical and horizontal jumps and seeing the difference it has on picking up our heart rate and transforming our fitness. Though this is a leg heavy day, it will benefit your entire body head to toe. We’ll be incorporating weights to increase the challenge to our core, our upper body and our cardio fitness. Today’s class you’ll really be able to customize by adding a booty band the entire class to get that extra toning, burn and challenge; or use it just part of the time. This class is great on its own, but is also part of our 30 Day Strength Training for fat loss and lean muscle gain program. These days increase that calorie and fat burn as well as improve our fitness level.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, jumpboard, medium size soft ball (you can use the foam roller or a rolled up towel instead if you don’t have a soft ball), 1 set of heavier hand weights, a booty band (optional but will significantly up the challenge today), and finally the Reformer box. For those of you who do not have the box, I suggest jumping up and over your Reformer carriage with ALL springs loaded. Or you can do this part of class directly on the floor.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. As said above, today’s class you can really adjust as needed. Want a more advanced workout, deeper more constant burn? Strap your booty band over your thighs and keep it the entire workout! Want to tone it down a little less? Don’t use the booty band and if needed drop a half a spring down in tension. But above all, push yourself out of your comfort zone today, class will fly by, and HAVE FUN!

The Course of this Class :   

Class starts with lots of tuck jumps and squat jumps. I was inspired to replicate a plyo and pilates cardio mat workout on the jumpboard, so think jump squats and “fast feet” on the Reformer, for example! Then we pop up to vertical plyometric jumps over the box and compare the difference on challenge between jumping lying down and jumping standing up! You’ll work all sides, from sidelying to kneeling to supine. Glute bridges and calf raises too, nothing will be missed. Class will fly by and goes at a quick pace.

Drop me a note below in comments after class and let me know: Did you get a sweat? Were you challenged? What was the hardest? What did you like the most? 👇🏼

If you are rearing to go for another round I challenge you to hit replay – OR – check out the classes I’ve handpicked for you below in this description for even more cardio! More power to ya, go for it because tomorrow is your stretch day!

Goals :     

Our goal is to get our heart rate up and then keep it up all of class. If you have a smart watch, monitor your heart rate. Is your goal to burn fat? You’ll want to be within that range and if you are going higher you will tone it down a bit to stay within your goal range for the results you are looking for. If you want to cardio train, your heart rate should be higher, so watch for that. I know a lot of you have those watches, which is great because it really helps you to stay on track and know the exact workout your body is getting!

Fat burn, calorie burn, shedding that excess, cardio cleanse, flush and rid toxins, circulation, oxygen lung capacity, endurance, stamina, cardiovascular strength… All that! lol And all the while still toning, sculpting and shaping the body with lean muscle gain. Alternating daily workouts to finish each week with a balanced full body program to encourage fat loss and lean muscle gain. See and feel progressions in your own fitness level, strength, ability and energy. As always, have fun 😉!

Next up : 

Flexibility, stretch it out, long and lean muscles, recovery day.

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