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Postpartum Workout 0-6 weeks, Pelvic Floor & Core Activation

Instructor: Jenae Vierhus
Level: All Levels, Postpartum Friendly, Prenatal Friendly

Focus : 

This postpartum workout for mommas just 0-6 weeks after birth is a very gentle breath and basic movement class to begin engaging your core and activating your pelvic floor. Slowly, gently reactivate and restore your pelvic floor function, tonicity and strength. These postpartum exercises are also safe and super helpful if you have diastasis recti (the separation of the abdominal muscles from your midline). And you can even do it with baby by your side. Jenae and Harley Rose will lead you through this.

NOTE: This class is also prenatal friendly if you are in your 1st or 2nd trimester. The breath work and glute work will be very beneficial to you and baby.

❇️ Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Make sure you are cleared to work out before beginning.❇️

During pregnancy and labor, your pelvic floor takes a big hit. Your pelvic floor supports the bladder, bowel and uterus. Given that these functions are necessary and you don’t want to lose control in these areas, it is wise to start strengthening our pelvic floor after giving birth. 

Before beginning this or any exercise program, remember these things:

  • Start small and slow. Remember, you just pushed a 6-10lb baby out of you.
  • Monitor your bleeding or just wait for it to stop altogether.
  • Find out if you have diastasis recti and if so, do exercises like these to focus on repairing it first.
  • Let your c-section incision heal (if you had one).
  • Be aware of unstable joints as the prenatal hormone Relaxin is still in your system up until 8 weeks postpartum.
  • Drink a lot of water, especially if you are breast feeding!
  • Make sure to rest.
  • STOP if you feel ANY pain and, when in doubt, call your OB/GYN.
Equipment Needed : 

Mat and a booty band if you would like.

The Course of this Class :

Our postpartum workout starts with breath work, this is going to be super important to reactivating that pelvic floor and reanimating the abdominal wall to begin to pull back in and up. Jenae will lead us through this breath work, but feel free to press pause and continue for more reps! Take this on your time and your breath. This is all about your healing and recovery and strength. We want you to feel empowered and supported. Next, we will move into pelvic tilts in glute bridge. These are also fabulous for gently activating the pelvic floor and rehabing diastasis recti. Then, full glute bridges, never underestimate the glutes as part of the core. Then Jenae will teach us abdominal braces and move us through cat/cow stretches which are also amazingly powerful for rehabing that pelvic floor and abdominal wall. Finally you’ll practice glute bridge marches, IF you feel ready and you have NO doming of the abdomen; and lastly a basic banded squat. The glutes will be an integral part of your re-strengthening regime.

Please come back to this postpartum workout class and repeat as many times as you like until you feel strong and are ready for more challenge. This breath work will always be very restorative.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class and if it has helped you. 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Postpartum or 1st – 2nd trimester Prenatal. Any fitness level otherwise.

Goals : 

Engage and reactivate the core and pelvic floor. Begin to strengthen and rebuild these areas. Breath work for mental health and stress relief, blood flow and oxygen flow. Help to heal diastasis recti. Support mom & help her feel strong again!

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