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Postural Exercises Healthy HIPS – Part 2

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :
     Pilates Chair, your mat, and you may want the back of a chair, your foam roller or your chair’s handles nearby for help with balance.

Focus :    Hips, pelvis, glutes, lumbar spine, and spinal erectors. The thoracic spine and shoulder girdle will also be worked. Welcome to Day 2 of our Postural Exercises Healthy Hips, 5 part series, all for a healthier spine, stronger back and better posture and alignment.

Class Level :     ALL levels. This series is for absolutely all of us!

The Course of this Class :    We are all about our hips today: hips, pelvis, glutes, and lumbar spine. Lots of rotations in that hip socket fully working everything within that complicated junction for healthy gate and swing and function. We’ll address lordosis as much as posterior tilts for those of us who live in those positions. We’ll also mobilize the thoracic spine, shoulder girdle, open the chest a bit and lightly hit our abs.

Goals :     Improve our external and internal rotation within the hip. Strengthen our gate and hip function and health deep within the capsule. Alleviate undo tension in the lumber spine. Strengthen the spinal erectors. Mobilize the thoracic spine. Lengthen the side body. Establish healthy shoulder blade glide and function. Open and release the chest wall.

In this series we are seeking to slowly improve your posture, alleviate stress, release tensions, and set you back up into your best alignment! My hope is you will find plenty of individual exercise “take-aways” that you will begin to incorporate into your daily life whatever you may be in the middle of doing.

Next up : Postural Exercises Release & Reset Total Body – Part 3

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