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Postural Exercises Roll Restore & Reinforce – Part 5

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Foam roller, your mat, and a wall.

Focus :    Roll out your fascia, release tight and stuck muscles, restore circulatory function AND reinforce your CORE strength to support your spine! Welcome to Day 5 of our Postural Exercises Roll Restore & Reinforce, 5 part series, all for a healthier spine, stronger back and better posture and alignment.

Class Level :     ALL levels. This series is for absolutely all of us!

The Course of this Class :    Today’s class we get to revisit a lot of the exercises we saw all week as well as roll out our muscles and tissue by releasing our myofascia with the roller. We’ll do it all: from mid-back mobilization, to lower back release, shoulder stretches and chest openers, hamstring release, and more. Don’t miss today’s class.

Goals :     Roll out sore, tight and restricted areas to restore circulatory function, movement and mobility. Reinforce core abdominal strength to support the spine. Move in all directions. Stretch it out.

In this series we are seeking to slowly improve your posture, alleviate stress, release tensions, and set you back up into your best alignment! My hope is you will find plenty of individual exercise “take-aways” that you will begin to incorporate into your daily life whatever you may be in the middle of doing.

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